List of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the web portal



[Q] How does Eazylistings work and why is it popular?
Eazylistings is a digital marketplace for individuals and professionals to meet up and find their right business partners or alliances. The platform helps everyone to identify their right business match like for individuals to find right professionals with relevant skills, for professionals to ensure they have clients that aligns to their existing clientele. Eazylistings have designed a simplified end to end process for all users irrespective of their professional background, revenue size or maturity in their business cycle. The digital search engine has become one of the fastest growing service providers in the technology-based networking sector, in simple definition digital portal have made it flexible for B2B and C2C businesses to expand their business reach. It is one of the most demanded service in the technology-based products and has opened up a series of business channels for start-ups and entrepreneurs to connect with their right matches.


[Q] How do I open an account with Eazylistings? How long will it take?
Eazylistings is a digital platform for professionals, businesses and individuals who are looking for support and services from other professionals and businesses who specialises in their respective areas. They exchange their requirements and agree appropriate delivery terms before finalising service contracts which takes place outside Eazylistings environment. As a business and professional services provider, you are simply required to Sign-Up in few easy steps, list all the services you provide and other information like your location, fill out your short profile, buy points using our secured payment gateway and initiate sending enquiries to potential business partners and individuals. The end-to-end process of setting up your account takes less than 4-7mins. And as an individual or professional looking for specialised services, you are expected to provide some specific information during Sign-Up, and we have tailored our registration template to ensure it is filled with complete ease. The answers to questions that are not application to you, simply skip the steps and open an account and can update anytime time later. The process should take less than 10-15mins. And it is completely free of any charges.
[Q] What happens after I register and open an account with Eazylistings?
Once an individual user seeking for professional services open an account by populating all information accurately and completely, Eazylistings will help facilitate those appropriate professionals connect with individual users directly. Professionals will call users directly to their phone number provided or will email them their initial interests on the advertised requirements.
As a professional user looking for potential leads as future clients, professionals need to provide few businesses information to register their business and open an account within the platform. It is a easy few step process and once onboarding completed the user profile will highlight relevant information in the dashboard. It is simple to operate and user intuitive process where the professionals are required to create a cashless balance in their account. The amounts in cashless balance account will help the user to pay for accessing mobile number and email address of potential clients, in other words pay to connect with potentials clients. Professional users will be able to view the redacted information of potential client leads without making any payments.
[Q] Do I sign up as Professional and Business user or Individual user?
If you are seeking for professional support or services from businesses or other individuals than you should register yourself as individual user and create enquiry to generate your ‘Service Request Profile’ (SRP). Once you have opened an account with Eazylistings you can generate multiple enquiries with different types of service requests. It is advisable to provide as much information as possible and as accurate as feasible to receive fast response from service providers.
And, if you are a professional service provider or business looking for clients then you should register via Professional Sign-up link and populate the relevant business information in few easy steps.


[Q] How does pricing for potential leads works?
Eazylistings have embedded a series of parameters and metrics attached to questionnaires in the service enquiry template. Once the user populates their responses the internal logics automatically generates a scoring pattern with a total score unique to a specific service enquiry request. For a single user, every service enquiry request may have different total score depending on their response type to specific questionnaire, and hence will have different pricing to access that service enquiry.
[Q] Do you charge fees for opening an account?
Eazylistings do not charge any user whether it is individual user or professional user to open an account, opening an account in eazylistings platform is completely free.
[Q] Who pays for contacting users?
Professional users can view list of potential clients or leads in their dashboard however, that information is redacted and will be able to view full information only when payments are processed using the secured payment gateway. The costs of each individual lead are same as points shown against those contacts; hence the money equivalent of points will be deducted from the Cashless balance in the account. Professional users required to top-up their cashless balance in their account using the secured payment gateway.
[Q] How do I make a payment?
Payments can be arranged online directly via payments page linked to secured payment gateway managed by authorised vendor. Please make sure you have added details of the account before you create a payment.
[Q] How do I claim refund of points used to purchase an invalid lead?
Please email to team@eazylistings.com when you have evidence of invalid leads and based on the information you have shared with the team, they will decide whether to reverse the charges or decline your request. We have a team of specialists who reviews each individual case and responds accordingly. Please note there may be some delay in their responses.
[Q] I suspect an account to be fraudulent, what should I do?
Log the incident with the appropriate local crime authority as soon as you have reason to believe the account or contact is fraudulent. It is also essential that you make your support team aware as soon as possible, as this will give us a better chance of avoiding any loss of funds.
[Q] What are invalid leads or contacts?
We have noticed there are individual or professional users who create proxy accounts and create dummy service enquiry with a motive to mislead or defraud genuine users. We have taken sufficient steps to ensure users are vetted appropriately or went through validation process, like email validation or mobile validation. Once the emails and mobile numbers are validated or verified this will appear next to that information as ticked / verified.  
[Q] Can I use my home address as a registered office address?
You can use any address if it is on mainland UK and it is a physical address, not a PO Box. For your consideration, the Registered office address is public.
[Q] Will my personal details be public?
Your company will be placed on the public listings of professional companies or businesses. This means yes, a large proportion of your company info will be publicly available. There are certain things you can and cannot hide and none of your personal information will be available publicly.
[Q] Is there a dedicated support team to address queries 24/7?
Eazylistings has engaged a specialist support team to address and respond to all queries. There may be some time delay in responding to individual queries depending on type of queries however eazylistings endeavour to respond satisfactorily every query as promptly as possible.